What Makes Us Different

Velvette - Cosmetic Chemist formulated and founded


1. Cosmetic Chemist Formulated, and Founded!

Every product we offer has been personally developed and formulated by Co-founder Joyce, who is a certified Cosmetic Chemist 👩‍🔬 with a specialization in organic and natural formulations 🌿! Joyce has extensive experience in the beauty industry, having consulted and developed products for large multi-million dollar clients.

We understand the science behind how skincare products work, and how to get the most out of each ingredient. A perfectionist by nature, Joyce spends weeks and months researching and testing (not on animals) each product she develops!

To develop our line of face, body and hair oils, we did extensive research on over 200 different plant oils, tested our favorites, and eliminated all but 20. We chose our top 20 oils based on texture, benefits, nutritional profiles, and their likeliness to clog pores or cause acne (comedogenicity)!


Velvette - Oils are key to every good skincare routine


 2. Oils are Key to Every Good Skincare Routine

We know skincare products can be overwhelming - there are so many types, and all of them seem to do slightly different things! We break it down for you here: Here's How You Should Layer Skincare Products!

What's interesting is that most of these products - toners, serums, lotions, creams for instance, are water based! A cream may consist of 60-70% water, and a serum 85-95% water. This is all fine, but what happens a few hours after you apply it on?

It evaporates! The water content delivered by the products initially would have provided some hydration for the skin, but without something to seal it in, the hydration is short lived.

Knowing this, we developed a line of oils to help trap in the moisture and goodness from your other skincare products! Oils reduce water loss by forming an occlusive layer on your skin. Think of it as a breathable film that helps seal in the moisture, and also protects your skin from the elements! 

We've found applying the oils as the last step over your skincare routine, or just applying it alone over damp skin as the only step, can help you achieve velvety soft, radiant skin! ✨


Velvette - Customized and specialized oils


3. Customized and Specialized Oils

Not 👏 all 👏 oils 👏 are 👏 created 👏 equal! 

There are many different types of oils in the world, from plant derived, to synthetic oils like mineral oils. At Velvette, we focus specifically on plant powered oils 🌱!

Why plant oils? Well, not only are they rich in complex nutrients that synthetic oils are unable to provide, they are also much better for the planet as they are derived from renewable resources!

Plant oils contain fatty acids like oleic acids, linoleic acids, linolenic acids, all in different ratios. They also contain other beneficial compounds such as chlorophyll or carotenoids. Through deep understanding of each plant oils' unique properties and textures, and we've created six different blends of oils for the face, one for the body, and one for hair!

For the face, we've created both day & night formulas (more on that on #4)!, and oils to target three specific skin needs:

  • Clarifying - For acne prone, oily, combination skin types
  • Calming - For dry, or inflamed skin due to conditions like eczema and rosacea
  • Anti-Aging - For mature skin types wanting to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

For body, we've created an Essential Body Oil that absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't stain clothing or sheets. It's an uplifting blend that invigorates the senses that absorbs even better after you lift off your dead skin with our Exfoliating Mitt for Body!


Velvette - Anti-Aging Day & Night Face Oils


4. Day and Night

Did you know that your skin produces different levels of oil (sebum) throughout the day?

Skin sebum excretion peaks during mid-day, and reduces at nighttime.

Keeping this in mind, we've created different blends of oils between to match your changing sebum levels from day to night! 

DAY ☀️ - Our day face oils are lighter blends that mixes in well with your skin's natural oils (sebum). We've also included oils that help give your skin a glow, which works especially well under makeup!

NIGHT 🌙 - Our night face oils are richer blends to help compensate for your skin's reduced natural oils (sebum). Nighttime is also the peak time for when your skin cells repair and regenerate (cell mitosis), so we've included our most powerful extracts here to help take advantage of this period! 


Velvette - Good for you, good for the planet


4. Good for You, Good for the Planet

Look good and feel good with our velvety soft oil blends! Unlike other oil blends on the market, our oils are not sticky or greasy, but soft like velvet 😌!

We believe in using only sustainable packaging (glass bottles, recyclable paper boxes, and paper fillers in our shipment) ♻️! We use only the best natural ingredients that nature has to offer 🌿 - plant-powered ingredients made from renewable resources! Our products are vegan, and cruelty-free 🐰, so you can be rest assured that no animals were harmed in the making!

We are proudly based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada 🍁.