Why listen to us?
Founded by a certified Cosmetic Chemist, we are serious about understanding the scientific properties between each ingredient we use in our products. We really mean meticulous when we researched over 200 different oils for their benefits and applications. Every product we put out we completely stand behind and believe in 100%, all backed by science while at the same time using the highest quality natural, plant based ingredients.



Why would I put oil on my face, body and hair?
Our bodies naturally produces oil, or sebum. The sebum forms an occlusive layer which protects us from the elements, and also helps us prevent moisture in our skin and hair from evaporating. Oils are vital to keeping our skin and hair hydrated.

Healthy, balanced oil glands produce just the right amount of oil to keep our skin and hair supple. When this balance is off, introducing sebum like oils in the form of plant oils may help our oil glands reach a healthy equilibrium. 

I have oily skin, will oils cause acne?
Excess oil production may be caused by a variety of factors, from genetics to hormones. Oftentimes, oily skin occurs when the skin is actually too dry, so its oil glands tries to overcompensate for by producing more oil.

We use only non-comedogenic oils (oils that don't clog pores or cause acne) in our oils, so you can be rest assured that these oils won't clog acne!

We've developed our Normal Skin Facial Oils for customers with normal, combination or oily skin. Our Normal Skin Facial Oils are rich in linoleic acid rich oils like camellia and perilla, which may help balance the skin's sebum production. These oils feel super light, but hydrating all at the same time, and blend in nicely with existing face sebum to create a soft, velvety feeling. 

I have eczema, will these oil blends work for me?
People with eczema often have dry, irritated skin. We've formulated our Dry Skin Facial Oils with these conditions in mind, by adding luxurious anti-inflammatory ingredients like hemp seed and borage seed oils. 

I have sensitive skin, are these products suitable?
Our clean beauty products contain no toxins or drying alcohols. We've also included many ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties in each of our oils to help sooth the skin. Our oils have been a favorite of many customers with sensitive skin!

Some people may be sensitive to the small amount of essential oils present in our products, however they are present within safety limits as they are formulated by a certified Cosmetic Chemist. However, if you have any known sensitivities, please review our ingredients list and perform a patch test prior to use.

What is my skin type?

Normal/Combination/Oily - Experiences oiliness throughout or in specific areas of the face, or have fairly balanced skin that doesn't feel tight after wash.
Dry/Inflamed - Dry skin that feels tight after wash, may have redness or inflammation from conditions like eczema or rosacea.
Mature/Extra-Dry - Skin showing fine lines or signs of aging, or skin that isn't showing signs of aging but may be experiencing extreme tightness after wash, and requires rich moisturizing products to maintain suppleness.

Why do we need facial oils for both day & night?
Your skin produces different levels of oil (sebum) throughout the day, with sebum levels peaking during the mid-day. Your skin cells also regenerates (cell mitosis) at different rates throughout the day, with the peak around nighttime during sleep.

We have optimized our oils to match your differing sebum levels by creating a lighter formula for the daytime, and a richer formula at night. During the day, we've created an oil that blends well with your existing sebum, whereas at night, an oil that works to replenish lost sebum. 

We've also added more powerful and effective extracts and ingredients for the nighttime formula so that we can take advantage of your skin's peak repair and recovery period, and included in the daytime oils that provide more barrier functions to help protect your skin from the effects of the elements. However, please remember to wear a sunscreen over your day facial oil during the day, as our oils do not contain any SPF.

Can I wear the facial oils under makeup?
Our facial oils leave your skin feeling soft and velvety by absorbing quickly into the skin. Our day facial oils will leave a smooth, supple base for makeup and won't leave any oily residue. Our oils also form a natural barrier that may reduce skin sensitivities from the numerous ingredients that are found in makeup products.

Many makeup artists currently use our day facial oils under their clients' makeup, including Candice Ornstein, the Emmy nominated makeup artist for the popular TV show Schitt's Creek, and Kristen Arnett, a makeup artist and green beauty expert for many of your favorite celebrities!

What are hair oils for, and how do you use it? 
Our Premium Hair Oil is used for the ends of hair, and helps keep it healthy and shiny. Our scalp produces sebum naturally, but it only reaches the top portions, which is why the ends of our hair are most susceptible to dryness. Using a hair oil on the ends will help seal in moisture, add nutrients, reduce tangling and add shine.

Apply 1-4 drops to your palms, spread them out and gently distribute to the ends of dry or damp hair and style as usual. Applying on damp hair will help seal in moisture more effectively. 

I have natural, Black hair, will the hair oil work for me?
Yes, our Premium Hair Oil works for all hair types and we have many customers with Black, natural hair that have found it to work effectively! 

Will using a hair oil weigh down my hair?
Not to worry, our Premium Hair Oil is specially formulated to be a dry oil, so it won't weigh down your hair. 

Will using a body oil stain my clothes?
Our Essential Body Oil absorbs quickly, and effectively replaces your body lotion. Only a few pumps is all you need for your whole body, and it's best applied to damp skin after showering. As long as you apply just enough for your skin to absorb, the oil should not stain your clothes. 

What is the shelf life/expiration date of a product?
Our oils last 12 months after opening, and 24 months on the shelf. We have included Vitamin E (Tocopherol) in our products, which is not only nourishing, but helps reduce the rate of oxidation in the product. Please remember to store the products in a cool, dark area away from light in order to extend shelf life. If you detect any changes in smell, it may have oxidized.

Do these products contain fragrances?
Our oils contain small quantities of essential oils, which provides both a pleasant aroma and therapeutic benefits. We do not use any synthetic fragrances in our products. Each oil blend has been formulated by a certified Cosmetic Chemist, and all essential oils used are within safety limits. If you have any known sensitivities, please review our ingredients list and perform a patch test prior to use.



What if an item is out of stock?

If an item is out of stock, your purchase will not complete and you will not be charged. You can subscribe to our wait list to be notified once an item becomes available again. 

How do I make changes to my order?
We ship out your order within 2-3 business days after your order is made. If you would like to make changes to your order, please contact us as soon as possible at info@lovevelvette.com, and we will try our best to accommodate.



Where do you ship orders?
We ship worldwide!

How much will it cost to ship my item?
We offer free shipping for all orders over $100 to Canada and USA! Shipping is $4.99 for any product orders under $100 to Canada and USA. For international orders outside of USA, we charge a flat rate of $39.99. Please refer to our Shipping page for more information.

Where is my order?
Please contact us and we will investigate the status of your order.

How do I return an item?
Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges guide.



Do you offer an affiliates program?
Yes, we would love to consider a partnership with you! Please refer to our Affiliates page for more information.



Do you offer wholesale opportunities?

Yes, we offer our products at wholesale prices to eligible buyers. please visit our Wholesale page for more information.