Here’s How You Should Layer on Skincare Products

by Joyce Tse May 06, 2021

Here's How You Should Layer on Skincare Products


Here are three products, what order should you apply them in?

A. A medium rich face oil
B. A light, flowy milky colored lotion
C. A clear, gel serum

Any guesses?

Well, I can’t make it that easy. Instead, I'll share what I learned from my days studying Cosmetic Chemistry with you! By the end of this article, I guarantee you'll have the right answer. Here goes!



Cleansers come in many forms, and we’ll explore these in future series. For now, know that the first step to great skincare is to always cleanse your face! Dirt, grime, makeup and debris can get trapped in your pores throughout the day, so don't skip this step!



Toners can remove any last bits of dirt and other grime left behind after cleansing. Oftentimes, toners are light liquids that almost feel like water. Toners usually contain humectants, which are ingredients that hydrate your skin. Some toners contain alcohols which can dry out your skin, and we’ll talk more about them in depth later!



There are three types of serums: water, emulsion (oil/water mixture), and oil serums! How do you tell them apart?

  • Water based: clear, gel like, and may leave a sticky after feel
  • Emulsion based: Milky, opaque color
  • Oil based: Clear, but without a gel like consistency and leaves a richer skin feel

When in doubt, check the ingredients list! If the first ingredient is an oil, silicone or ester, its most likely oil based. If it starts with water or extracts, its likely water or emulsion.

Water based serums go first, then emulsions next. If you use a variety of serums, go from lightest to thickest. For oil-based serums, go to STEP 6.



Our eye areas are more sensitive and thinner than the rest of the face, which is why a separate cream is used for the eye. They also a focus on ingredients that target eye area concerns like eye bags and wrinkles.



Lotions and creams are almost the same thing, but with one major difference. Both lotions and creams are emulsions, but lotions are more diluted than creams. What exactly are emulsions? Oil and water tends to separate, but emulsions are mixtures that contain both. Emulsions don't separate because they are bound together by ingredients called emulsifiers. Like the serums, apply from lightest to thickest.



Finally, the face oil - my favorite part of the skincare routine! Oil based serums count here as well.

Notice how all the skincare products in steps 2-5 contain water? These water containing products also contain humectants, which help hydrate the skin. Your skin may now be plump and moisturized by step 5, but without an oil to lock it all in, it may not stay that way for long!

Oils work by forming an occlusive layer that keeps the water from evaporating. Oils are also emollients which can help soften and moisturize your skin. To get the most effect out of your skincare routine, you want to use a face oil as the last step to seal in all that goodness!

There are so many oils out there, which oil should you use for your skin type? At Velvette, we researched over 200 different plant oils to craft the best formulas for each specific skin type and application. Try our Samples Discovery Kit to test out our entire range of 8 oils: face, body, and hair, and get ready to elevate your skincare routine!



UV damage is the number one contributor to skin damage, so don’t waste all your hard work by skipping this step!





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