Skin Icing: The Summer Trend You Don’t Want to Miss!

by Joyce Tse May 20, 2021

Velvette Ice Globes Skin Icing


With hot summer days coming around, people around the world have been turning to skin icing. Skin icing isn’t a new concept, with famous faces like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham being no stranger to this ritual!


So, what exactly is skin icing?

Skin icing is as simple as its name suggests – to cool the skin for several minutes! There are many ways to do this, with ice cubes being the most basic method. There are also professional spa procedures like ice facials, where vaporized nitrogen is used to cool the skin!


What’s so good about skin icing?


1. De-puffing Under Eye Circles 

If you’re like me, my eyes often feel swollen when I wake up. Since the eye around your eyes are quite thin, it’s not very good at hiding any fluid retention acquired overnight! Aside from fluid retention, other factors that may cause puffy eyes include genetics, allergies, aging, and more. 

Skin icing can reduce eye puffiness and swelling by helping drain excess fluid from the eye. The cooling sensation will instantly wake you up as well – maybe so well that you can skip your coffee!


2. Calm Inflamed Skin

When you ice your skin, you decrease circulation to the area by constricting blood vessels. Cooling your skin will reduce redness and swelling– particularly from those painful acne breakouts!


3. Soothe Tension Headaches

Why do we apply ice packs whenever we sprain our muscles? Not only does the cold feeling of ice helps to numb the pain, it helps speed up recovery time by reducing swelling and inflammation. Elevate your face massages an extra step by making it cold!


4. Get That Glow

Cooling your skin before applying your favorite skincare products (these days, my favorites are Velvette's Dry Skin Facial Oils), can help your skincare products absorb and penetrate better! Cooling your skin regularly may help stimulate the skin, for a radiant and glowing complexion!


So how should I do this?

First, cleanse your face, and apply your favorite skincare products. The most basic and barebones way would be to use ice cubes – simply take them out of the freezer and apply directly to your bare face! However, ice cubes can get a little messy – they melt and leave puddles all over your skin and can leave your fingers feeling cold and wet. There are also a variety of tools on the market, such as glass cooling globes, but they are quite prone to breaking in the freezer. Spa treatments, as nice as they are, aren’t something we can do daily, which is why we’ve designed an effective tool that you can use in the comfort of your home.


Introducing our newest product – Velvette Ice Globes for Face!

Each ice globe is filled with a special freeze resistant liquid, which keeps them cool for long – no more melting puddles from ice cubes! Keeping the comfort of your hands in mind, we’ve designed ergonomic handles that insulate your fingers from the cold temperatures of the ice globes. Our ice globes glide smoothly over our facial oils, and its unique shape is perfect for massaging the eye sockets and your temples.

Our ice globes are the perfect companion to our face oils, and we think you’ll love them just as much as we do!


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