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Ice Globes vs. Gua Sha: A Guide for Beginners

Ice Globes and Gua Sha have amazing benefits for the skin, but it can be confusing when trying to choose the proper tool for your skin concerns! Some benefits are unique to each tool, like the cooling sensation from Ice Globes, or the lymphatic drainage properties of the Gua Sha tool. Some benefits can be received when using either tool, like a more glowy appearance! Read along to find out which tool to use, and when you can utilize both!


Ice Globes wake you up in the morning

Dreading that early-morning alarm? This is where Ice Globes truly shine! After waking up, using Velvette’s Ice Globes for Face help awaken the skin (and you!) with its super-cold temperature. Unlike a Gua Sha tool, our Ice Globes are made of cool, stainless steel material, and are filled with a non-toxic, freeze-resistant liquid that keeps each globe cool for hours! Ice Globes help get rid of those stubborn eye bags and the appearance of tired skin, making them the perfect early-morning tool.


Ice Globes relieve skin redness

Getting ready to go out but can’t seem to shake that flushed appearance? Ice Globes help reduce skin redness! You’ll be selfie-ready in a pinch after just a few minutes of gentle massaging with our Ice Globes. Using a Gua Sha tool can increase the appearance of redness very temporarily due to increased circulation. Although increased circulation is wonderful for your skin, if you’re looking to get rid of your flushed face quickly, Ice Globes are the most effective at doing so!


Gua Sha can help sculpt the face

Using a Gua Sha tool for facial massage on a regular basis aids with lymphatic drainage, which is usually the culprit behind a puffy face! After incorporating Gua Sha in your daily routine using effective massage techniques, your face may appear slimmer, especially around the chin and neck area! Ice Globes are great for facial massage, but a Gua Sha tool is much more ergonomic and thus can get the job done more effectively!


Gua Sha relaxes you before bedtime

Looking to destress after a chaotic day? A Gua Sha facial massage is exactly what you need! Velvette’s Gua Sha tool is perfect for relaxing the face before bedtime. Remember that dreamy post-facial massage you experienced at the spa? Imagine that, but readily available at your fingertips anytime you need a good night’s rest! Ice Globes can also be wonderful tools for relaxation, if a cool facial massage is what helps you wind down.


Both Ice Globes and Gua Sha should be used with Face Oils!

Despite the many differences between Ice Globes and Gua Sha, there is one key item that brings the two together: Face Oils! Applying a high-quality face oil before using Ice Globes or a Gua Sha helps both of these skincare tools to glide seamlessly, perform better, and give you that glowy appearance you’re looking for!


Now that you know which tool to use for your skincare goals, you’re 100% ready to try them out for yourself! Click here to buy Velvette’s Ice Globes for Face, and click here to pre-order Velvette’s patent-pending Gua Sha tool! (P.S. All Gua Sha pre-orders will receive a free exfoliating mitt. Score!)

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