Ice Globes for Face Guide

Experience the ultimate spa treatment at home with Velvette Ice Globes for Face, as featured in Forbes! These cooling cryo wands reduce under-eye puffiness, soothe tension headaches and facial swelling, and calm inflammation. The shatter-resistant stainless steel globes are filled with a freeze-resistant liquid to ensure they stay cool for hours.

Ice Globes Facial Massage Tutorial Video

5 Expert Tips to maximize your Ice Globes benefits


It's really up to you! Both the refrigerator and freezer are perfectly suitable for the ice globes. If you like them extra cold, then definitely the freezer!

Apply a face oil first to reduce friction from the ice globes, and to protect the skin from the freezing temperatures of the bare metal. Your skin will thank you!

I have very sensitive skin, will this work for me?

Yes! Our ice globes come with a reusable plastic case that's refrigerator and freezer safe!

After you are done your ice globes massage, wash the ice globes with soap and water, and dry them off with a towel. Store them back in the reusable case and pop them into the fridge or freezer as you'd like!

The tutorial video is a good guideline on some ways you can use the ice globes, but there's no set routine. Do what feels right for you, and feel free to share what works for you with us!

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