Essential Body Oil Guide

Fed up with the tedious process of applying body lotion? Keeping your body moisturized and healthy doesn't have to be complicated and time-consuming! All it takes is a few pumps of our gentle but effective, all-natural body oil.

5 Expert Tips to maximize your body oil benefits

1. Apply on damp skin

Oils work by forming a breathable film around your skin that helps to seal in moisture from the layers below, so you want to make sure your skin is already hydrated before you apply oil over top!

2. Exfoliation is key

Overtime, dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin, forming a barrier that can prevent skincare products from penetrating into the deeper layers where they can be the most effective! That's where Velvette's Exfoliating Mitt for Body comes in - This biodegradable, plant-based mitt painlessly rolls off dead skin in the most visually satisfying way! Exfoliation, paired with our body oil is the ultimate hack for baby soft skin!

3. Store in a cool, dark place to prolong shelf life

We've added vitamin E (tocopherol) in our face oils to prevent them from oxidizing as quickly, but factors like humidity and sunlight can reduce the effectiveness of your oil.

4. A little goes a long way.

Did you know that creams and lotions are 60-80% water, and about 5-10% oil? In creams, oils are typically the most moisturizing component. Our face oils, are 100% oils and 0% water, so a little goes a long way! One to pumps is all most of our customers use for each major body part!

5. Massage it into the skin

Who doesn't love a good massage? Not only do they feel amazing, they can help increase blood flow, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and promote collagen production! Massaging can help our body oil penetrate deeper into your skin, allowing the natural ingredients in our oils to work more effectively.


One drop of oil is just as, or even more moisturizing, than one pump of cream! Think of how much you'd save on your skincare if you switched to oils instead!

Creams typically consist of 60-70% water, 5-10% oils, and numerous other ingredients in trace amounts. Your skin produces oil for moisture and wants more of the right oil. Why are you giving it 40 ingredients in your face cream instead?

Because creams are mostly water, the water content delivered by the cream initially would have provided some hydration to the skin, but evaporates quickly, which is why you'd have to reapply cream over and over throughout the day. However, oils don't need to be reapplied as frequently since they resist evaporation, and will act as a breathable film to help seal in moisture, and protect your skin from the elements!

All of our oils are formulated only using natural or naturally derived ingredients! Our flagship oil blends are made of only the most luxurious, premium organic plant oils in high ratios not found in most other skincare products on the market. Our ingredients all comply with ECOCERT's standard on natural ingredients.

Meticulously Designed: Through extensive research and testing of over 200 different plant oils, Co-founders Joyce, a certified Cosmetic Chemist, and her sister Jenny have created powerful blends of face oils that leave your skin healthy and glowing.

Non-Greasy & Quick-Absorbing: Unlike other oils on the market which feel greasy and sticky, ours leaves you feeling velvety soft! Try and feel the difference for yourself!

Customized & Specialized: Through a deep understanding of each plant oil's unique properties and textures, we've created six different blends of oils for the face, one for the body, and one for hair! Each of our oil blends features distinctly different plant oils, and works together to deliver effective results!

Our oils feature subtle scents that are not overpowering or artificial smelling.

We do not use any synthetic fragrances in our products. We use small quantities of essential oils in our formulations, which provide both therapeutic benefits and a pleasant aroma. Each oil blend has been formulated by a certified Cosmetic Chemist, and all essential oils used are within safety limits. If you have any known sensitivities, please review our ingredients list and perform a patch test before use.

Our all-natural oil blends contain only pure, luxurious, premium-grade plant oils, vitamin E, and trace essential oils. There are no synthetic perfumes, drying alcohols, harsh ingredients, or known irritants used in any of our products. Our gentle oils have been the favorites of many customers with sensitive skin!

Our oils absorbs quickly, and only a small amount is needed per application! As long as you apply just enough for your skin or hair and let it absorb properly, the oil should not stain your clothes or bedding.

Our oils last 12 months after opening, and 24 months on the shelf. We have included Vitamin E (Tocopherol) in our products, which is not only nourishing, but helps reduce the rate of oxidation in the product!

Please remember to store our products in a cool, dark area away from light in order to extend shelf life. If you detect any changes in smell, it may have oxidized.

When designing Velvette's body oil, we made sure to only use ingredients that were low on the comedogenic scale - Meaning they are unlikely to clog your pores!

Bacne can be caused by a variety of factors, and our oils are mostly likely not to be the culprit.

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