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Oily, Combination, Normal Skin

Based on your quiz responses, you either have oily, combination or normal skin that may or may not be prone to acne! This skin type can benefit from our Clarifying Face Oils, which are light and perfect for balancing and regulating your skin's natural oils (sebum)!

Many people with oily skin actually have dehydrated skin, and are over producing oil in order to compensate for the lack of moisture! We don't believe in stripping your skin of moisture and using harsh cleansers for those with oily, acne prone skin.

Apply our face oils with our ice globes for face for the ultimate self care experience! We also recommend adding our body and hair oils to your routine - they work for all skin and hair types! To get the most out of your body oil, make sure to use it with our exfoliating mitt, which effectively removes dead skin to reveal velvety soft skin underneath.

Uncertain if our oils work for you? Try a sample first for only $2!

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Clarifying Face Oil (Day)

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Clarifying Face Oil (Night)

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Ice Globes for Face

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Exfoliating Mitt for Body

From  $23.59

Essential Body Oil

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Premium Hair Oil

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