Fed up with hair getting in the way when applying face oils? Keep your hair crease-free and your skincare routine hassle-free!

Silky Satin Spa Headband

🌟 Limited Edition Item🌟 Introducing the Velvette Silky Satin Spa Headband, crafted from luxurious silk satin for ultimate comfort. Its adjustable premium velcro straps ensure a perfect fit without leaving any crease in your hair. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, this vegan, cruelty-free headband features a super cute design and keeps hair neatly away from your face during skincare routines. Say goodbye to hair snags with this plush, snag-free accessory.

Hurry - once it's gone, it may be gone for good!

  • Luxurious and hair-friendly vegan silk satin construction ensures cruelty-free comfort.
  • Soft plush stuffing makes it the most comfortable and cozy headband you'll ever wear.
  • Premium velcro pads provide full adjustability for a perfect fit on all head shapes and sizes.
  • Snag-free design prevents hair breakage and marks, ensuring hassle-free usage.
  • Versatile for use during skincare routines, makeup application, or whenever you need to keep hair away from the face.
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  1. Before starting your skincare routine, ensure your hair is brushed and free from tangles.
  2. Slip the middle of the spa headband below your hair at the nape of your neck.
  3. Bring the two ends of the headband to meet at the top of your head, adjusting the size of the headband to match the size of your head.
  4. Making sure the two velcro pads face each other, press them together to secure.
  5. Proceed with your skincare routine as usual, knowing that your hair is securely held back by the headband.
  6. After completing your skincare routine, gently remove the headband by undoing the velcro pads.

Say hello to hassle-free skincare with Velvette's Silky Satin Spa Headband!

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