The Basic Skin Types

We've created facial oils for three basic skin types! 

  • Normal, Combination or Oily
  • Dry or Inflamed
  • Mature or Extra-Dry

Our facial oils range from lightest to richest, with the lightest formulas for normal, combination or oily skin, the medium formulas for dry or inflamed skin, and our richest formulas for mature or extra-dry skin.


Normal, Combination or Oily

Normal, combination or oily skin already has an abundance of oil, so we introduce lighter oils that complements well with the existing sebum on their face. 


Dry or Inflamed

People with dry or inflamed skin have a damaged moisture barrier, so we use oils that closely resemble the skin's natural oils to help seal in moisture. We also focus on anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe skin that is prone to eczema or rosacea.


Mature or Extra-Dry

For mature or extra-dry skin, we use rich oils that feels creamy and luxurious without being oily. Sebum production drops as people age, which is why we've included heavier, but non-greasy feeling oils in our blends. Not only are the oils for mature or extra-dry skin intensely nourishing, they are packed full with our most anti-oxidant rich ingredients (which help fight free radicals) and contain firming and lifting properties.


But... How about your Body and Hair Oil? 



Our body's skin is thicker than the skin on our face, which is why we were able to develop an all purpose solution suitable for all skin types. These medium weight oils leave the skin feeling supple and smooth.



Our hair oil has a dry finish and won't weigh down your hair. We use nourishing oils that work its way into the shaft to provide nutrients, and sealing oils that coats each strand of hair to add shine.