Our Difference

Our Expertise

Our hero ingredient is the one that works the best for you.

No fads, no trends, the proof is in our formulas.

We Are Experts in Oils

We did extensive research on over 200 different plant oils, tested our favorites, and eliminated all but 20. We chose our top 20 oils based on texture, benefits, nutritional profiles, and their likeliness to clog pores or cause acne (comedogenicity).

Each of our blends are packed full of nutrients and have been formulated to leave a velvety feeling for each of the three basic skin types: 

Not only have we developed bespoke oils for each basic skin type, we've taken this one step further and have created oils for different times of the day - Day & Night oils!

Each of our formulations are developed by Co-founder Joyce, who is a certified Cosmetic Chemist with a background in chemical engineering.


Why Oils

Oils Are Good for You

Our skin produces oils naturally to protect itself. Oils form an occlusive layer that seals in moisture and helps retain water content so that your skin can stay healthy and moisturized. Skin that is dry, inflamed, or acne prone often have imbalanced oil production. Plant oils mimic the skin's natural oils (sebum), and are able to replenish, restore and balance our skin's complexion.

People with oily skin often produce too much oils because their skin is too try and their oil glands are overcompensating. Many of our customers have oily skin, and have found that using our oils have made their skin appear softer, smoother, and less shiny.


Our Texture

Soft and Velvety

The origin of our brand name, Velvette, comes from the velvety soft feeling that oils leave. You may have had bad experiences with oils in the past, because they may have used filler ingredients like silicones or cheap oils with limited nutritional properties.

Silicones are often used in place of plant oils because they offer temporary smoothness, and are very low in cost. Many oil blends in the marketplace are composed of over 90% silicones, with less than 10% being actual plant oils. Silicones are plastic polymers that contains no nutritional properties and are not biodegradable.


Our Philosophy

Merging Clean Beauty with Science

Our oils are vegan and cruelty-free, and uses premium natural and organic ingredients. Our products have a light, subtle aroma that isn't overpowering. We don't use any synthetic fragrances or colorants, and only use essential oils within safe limits. 

Each of our products are formulated by Co-founder Joyce, a certified Cosmetic Chemist with a specializing in organic formulations. All of our blends are created using only the best in natural ingredients, and were chosen carefully through a comprehensive understanding of their specific benefits, properties, and how they will interact with your skin and hair!