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Find Your Match

Which facial oil should you be using?

Our facial oils range from lightest to richest in the following order (CLICK for a bigger picture):

Velvette Organics Facial Oil Scale

 Find your closest match below and start from there! 

Facial Oil If Your Skin... Skin Type
  • Normal, not particularly dry or oily
  • Combination - Oily T-zone but have dry patches throughout
  • Oily - excess oil production and acne*
  • Prefers lighter feeling moisturizers
  • Is generally hydrated, but would like to improve texture, skin tone and overall skin appearance
    • Feels constantly dry
    • Experiences tightness after washing face or throughout the day
    • Red, irritated skin, possibly from conditions like ezcema
    • Flaking skin due to lack of moisture
    • Very dry, dehydrated skin, typically required extra rich and heavy creams to keep moisturized
    • Showing signs of aging - fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, loss of elasticity
    • Would like to reduce the effect of aging and elemental damage on skin
    • Would like a rich cream like finish on the skin upon application 

     *Acne may be caused by a variety of factors, from genetics to hormones. Sometimes oily skin may occur when the skin's oil glands tries to overcompensate dryness by producing more oil. By using facial oils to keep the skin moisturized, it may help regulate oil production and potentially reduce acne.

    Start with the oil that matches your skin type, and adjust accordingly! If you find that your facial oil range isn't providing enough hydration, you can try a step up, or layer on extra moisturizer over top of the oil during application.If your facial oil range is too rich and heavy, simply go down a step. 

    Everyone's skin absorbs oil at a different rate and also changes with other factors like weather, hormones, and diet, so it may require a little bit of testing before you find the perfect match! Typically, the skin produces more sebum during the summer than winter, so you may find that you will need to step up or down a facial oil range as the seasons change.

    We have a day and night facial oil for each range, with the day being lighter than the night formulation. Our day facial oils are formulated to be lighter than the night facial oils, because throughout the day, your skin will sweat and produce sebum. However, at night, your metabolic rate slows down so your skin produces less oil, thus our night facial oils are formulated to be richer and intended to be used as a sleeping mask. Our night facial oils also contain powerful plant extracts, which are more effective when given ample time to soak in overnight.

    For more information, please see our FAQ.