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All About Oils

Velvette Organics

Using plant oils have changed our beauty routine forever.

Before we used plant oil blends, our bathroom drawers were filled with jars and bottles of toners, serums, creams, and different products for every inch of our bodies. Since we developed our custom oil blends, the only products we use for our faces other than cleanser and sunscreen are our facial Oils. One for day, one for night.

Many people are worried that by using oils on their skin and hair, they will feel sticky, greasy, and end up with clogged pores. There are thousands of incredible plant oils in the world, all with different textures, properties and benefits! By choosing the right ones, they will have just the right texture, sink in fast, and leave your skin and hair soft and hydrated. It all depends on the types of oil in the formula, as not all oils are created equal!

Oils are naturally produced by our bodies and are vital to keeping our skin and hair hydrated. It only makes sense to replenish depleted moisture by using organic plant oils. Often times, excess oil production and acne occurs when the skin is too dry, which encourages the skin's oil glands to overcompensate and produce more oil. The application of plant oils on our skin may help rehydrate areas of the skin that are producing excess oil, which in turn helps regulate sebum production!

Utilizing Joyce's Chemical Engineering background, we did extensive research to create oil blends for skin and hair, focusing on the characteristics of each oil and their benefits. Our oil blends are extremely versatile! The facial oils can be used as a standalone moisturizer, a beauty serum under other moisturizers, infused into other skincare products, as a sleeping mask, and even as a makeup primer (it won't leave an oily sheen and will create a smooth base). Our hair oils work well to keep hair smooth and shiny, and our body oil effectively replaces body lotion. 

Because we don't use silicones or any filler ingredients, a little goes a long way. One tiny drop of plant oil may moisturize just as effectively as one pump of cream! Traditional creams and lotions contain 60-80% water, with the most vital and nutritional component being the plant oils. By just using plant oils, we are able to concentrate the effect of the moisturizer, eliminate harmful chemicals like emulsifiers and preservatives, as well as reduce environmental waste from excess packaging.

Trust us, your life will change too once you start using plant oils.

Joyce & Jenny
Co-founders, Velvette