You May Be Forgetting Two Important Keys to Glowing Skin

If you’re like us, you probably wake up thinking - “What needs to be done today?”

Taking care of business before yourself becomes necessary in this busy world at times. Does it really have to be this way though? What do you think about when someone says “self care”?

Get to know yourself and learn how you can manage your energy positively in all areas - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Self care starts in the mind.  Self-esteem and self worth come from within, and once you’ve found them, self care becomes effortless.  When we look after ourselves, we create ripple effects for those who are around us.

Do you dream of luxurious bubble baths, all-day shopping sprees, or dates at a the spa? As wonderful as they all sound, we often just don’t have time for them. Maybe rethink your ideas around self care! It could be something as simple as committing to a nighttime skincare ritual that relaxes your senses, and helps unwind your thoughts after a hard day at the office. Simply treating yourself to this ritual nightly is a luxury. Having just a few moments where you tend to yourself, makes a big difference for you and for your skin. Not only does self care and self love make a happier you, it makes way for softer, glowing skin. People always say that when you love someone, you will find time for that person This time, let that person be you! You are worthy and beautiful, and you deserve every bit of love for yourself.  If you can’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of others!

Embrace your individuality and let Velvette nourish you. Our oils may be the small touch that you need to complete your nighttime skincare routine. Each ingredient has been handpicked from natural plant oils that balances your skin, and protects it against inflammation from the elements during your busy day. Before you lie your head down at bedtime, take some time to relax, reset, and unwind yourself with Velvette. 

Here are some of our favorite ways of showing ourselves care & love:

  1. Commit to a beauty ritual regularly and consistently. Once during the morning and once at night  is best.
  2. Throughout the day, try to give yourself more downtime, and find moments for quiet reflection and calm.
  3. Take slow, deep breaths - even if it’s at your desk.
  4. Remember that saying no to other people’s requests and plans is okay.
  5. Journal your thoughts, ideas, and your life. Whenever you write down your thoughts, something positive happens in your brain and you’ve taken the first step to manifesting those thoughts into a reality.
  6. Make a playlist for yourself that encourages you and strengthens your spirit in the morning.  It could be the sounds of nature - birds chirping in a forest, waves gently rolling on the shores, and the soft trickle of rain drops.
  7. Watch your favorite movie.
  8. Call a friend and have a real conversation instead of texting or emailing.
  9. Try a new recipe! Challenge your cooking skills and your taste buds. You nourish your body more when you cook nutritious and healthy meals from scratch at home.
  10. Take a walk during lunch and get some sunshine and fresh air.
  11.  Get into your comfy clothes as soon as you get home.
  12.  Using fresh cucumbers, make a cooling eye mask and let the day’s worries melt away.
  13. Write a love note for yourself on your mirror, and read it every day to yourself as you get ready.
  14. Call and tell someone that you love them.
  15. Find one thing every day that you like about yourself.

What’s your favorite ritual?  Share it with us on our Instagram @LoveVelvette. 

Love, Joyce & Jenny

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